Argo Feeds is established as one of the largest family owned Manufacturers and Distributors of Animal Feeds in the North of England.

The company is based at Kirkwood mill at Penistone, South Yorkshire, where all its activities are controlled from production of own brand feeds, warehousing and distribution and retail with the Country Store and Pet Food Warehouse.


Argo’s proud traditions and history spans well over a century through five generations of Goldthorpe’s. The family have been trading at their site at Kirkwood Mill since the late Mr Arnold Goldthorpe purchased it in 1939. ‘Argo’ is derived from the abbreviation of Arnold Goldthorpe who retired in 1956 and passed on to his three sons Hugh, John and Ben. Arnold James (Jim) entered the business in 1973 and soon progressed to taking a leading role from his father and two uncles.

Throughout Jim’s years in charge the business has seen many changes from its origins in Farm Feeds, and despite clinging on to a small but very loyal localised bulk farm trade, Argo now produces increasingly for the Pet and Leisure sector.

Now employing over 70 people within the Argo group, our wholesale trade now dominates our activities, and through steady growth over the last twenty years, Argo Feeds is now established as one of the largest family owned Manufacturers and Distributors of Animal Feeds in the North of England.

Benjamin Goldthorpe

Arnold Goldthorpe

Ben, Hugh & John Goldthorpe

1954 Commer

Kirkwood Mill in 1939

Family members are at the heart of the business and all its decisions on a daily basis. Reliable customer service is the pillar of the Argo culture and Jim, Heather, Michele and Tom all work hands on to organise the day to day operations of the business.


Heather is a keen horse lady, having brought up three daughters to be highly capable horse women themselves. She is now enjoying seeing her granddaughter flourish within the sport. Heather controls the day to day buying for the 'Country Store' and continues to introduce new product lines and ranges. The store is ever expanding and Heather is on hand daily to offer advice and support to Argo customers.


Jim continues to drive the business forward on a daily basis; he is fiercely loyal to his customers, and keeps a keen eye on customer service.

He is responsible for ordering many of the core line products for the wholesale side of the business along with the buying of raw materials to ensure the manufacturing in the mill runs smoothly.


Michele is another keen horse person, who when time allows enjoys competing at various disciplines with her horse. As Sales Director Michele enjoys a very personal approach with customers, but is also heavily involved in the buying of horse and pet products.


Tom returned to the family business in November 2006, and his role is to oversee the operations side of the business, with particular focus on Distribution. With great pride in Argo’s traditions Tom strives to modernise and improve how the business operates in a competitive industry.


Rebecca has recently joined the team, concentrating on Business Development and Customer Relations. She is also a keen horsewoman competing in British Eventing, County Showing and side saddle competition. Married into game keeping traditions, Rebecca embraces country living in her work and play.

Argo has delivered to my yard for the past 35 years. At any one time I have at least 30 horses and 10 dogs at my yard. The quality of the products they produce are consistently of high quality and the delivery is incredibly reliable.

Peter Mellor, owner of Woodnook Arena, Huddersfield

I am a sponsored Dengie dressage rider. Argo deliver to my yard within 48 hours of me placing my order, the delivery is reliable, and friendly. Both the office at Argo and drivers are as helpful as ever, and I can only describe Argo as FANTASTIC.

Hannah Esbergh-Shepard International Dressage Rider

As a Sponsored Dodson & Horrel Rider, ARGO has delivered to our yard for at least 20 years providing an excellent reliable and friendly service.

Ellen Whitaker and family