Alpha Dog Foods

Alpha has specialist feeds to suit every breed, age and type. From pet puppies to seasoned working dogs, your best friend will thank you for choosing Alpha quality foods. All available in a variety of sizes.

Adult Working Maintenance (Red) 15 kg

Alpha Worker Maintenance is a complete and balanced diet containing freshly cooked meat along with a range of vitamins and minerals which provides a low energy wholesome food for dogs that are less active.

Gold Moist Muesli 15 kg

A nutritionally formulated as a complete and balanced diet for your dog. Ideal for fussy eaters.

Adult Sporting

Maintenance (Green)15 kg

Carefully formulated as a maintenance diet to meet all the nutritional needs of your dog.

Junior & Active –

Field Nuggets 15 kg

A carefully formulated complete and balanced diet for junior dogs from 9 months old and to meet the physical demands of active dogs.


Sporting Puppy 15 kg

A complete hypoallergenic food nutritionally formulated to provide puppies with the essential ingredients for the best possible start in life.

Sensitive 15 kg

A carefully formulated feed to help meet the needs of dogs with a delicate or sensitive digestive system.