Calf Rearing Nuts 25kg

 Wean on from Baby Calf Pellets/ Coarse Calf Ration.


Calf rearing nuts are a high protein pelleted feed designed to be fed to growing and fattening young stock. Provides essential quality protein for growth, development and sustainable weight gain supported with a full balance of vitamins an minerals for superior health and vitality.

Feeding Guidelines

A complementary compound feed for all cattle to be fed as required with ad-lib forage and clean fresh water. Wean on to rearing nuts from baby calf pellets once eating approximately 1kg per day.

Nutritional Analysis:

Crude Oil 3% Crude Protein 16% Crude Fibre 8% Crude Ash 6% Calcium 1% Phosphorus 0.7% Sodium 0.3%


Wheatfeed, Rape, Wheat, Barley, Molasses, Maize Bran, Vitamins and Minerals, Calcium Carbonate, Binder E565.