Equine America Equine Supplements

Corta Flex Powder 908 Grms

Cortaflex’s unique formulation of key nutrients supports the production of glucosamine and chrondroitin.

Corta Flex Ha Superfen Solution 1 Litre

Specially formulated for competition horses or those in high work loads, with excessive wear and tear to their joints.

Dermagel 100 Mls

Maintains a moist wound environment to prevent scab formation.  Encourages wounds to heal from the sides as well as the bottom.

Fungatrol Cream 400 Grms

 Smear on Fungatrol Cream which will condition and protect the skin from bacteria and fungus.

Glucosamine Powder 908 Grms

Now 12,000 milligrams per serving and fortified with MSM & HA, to support your horses joint health.

Kentucky Joint Liquid 946 Mls

 A Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement.

Like Ice 2.7K Kg

Begins working on contact to tighten and cool hot, tired legs after strenuous exercise.

Magnitude (Magnesium Calming) 908 Grms

 A highly absorbable form of Magnesium that should be fed daily to horses or ponies to promote healthy nerve tissue and reduce nervous tension.

Msm Powder 454 Grms

 An essential component of connective tissue, cartilage, skin and hooves.

No More Moods 946 Mls

Contains liquid Chaste Berry, a plant which has been recognised for many years for its benefits in supporting correct hormone levels.

Pro Pell Plus

 Its formulation will provide energy with beneficial vitamins and minerals, leaving the horse fresh and full of vitality.

So Kalm Powder

 A premium grade Magnesium with L-Tryptophan, an essential amino acid associated with the production of serotonin, to calm and focus the horse.

Tye Guard 946 Mls

Contains a highly absorbable Vitamin E and Selenium, two vitamins involved in the health of muscle tissue, allowing the muscle to work more effectively at full capacity.

Apple Lytes  1.8 Kg

 A salt based product with an apple and cherry flavour which can be added to the horse’s feed daily to help replenish salts lost during heavy sweating.

Cushings Crumble 908g

Ponies and older horses are susceptible to the natural variations of the pituitary gland, which is responsible for hormonal production affecting blood balance, muscle and nerve condition and the immune system.

Airways Xtra Powder

Potent blend of essential oils, including Eucalyptus, Menthol and Peppermint to provide nutritional support for the respiratory system.

Buteless 1kg

A blend of natural, plant-based ingredients to help maintain joint and muscle comfort and support mobility in all horses and ponies.