Equine Veterinary Products




Animalintex is the original veterinary poultice and wound dressing.

Vet Wrap

 Essential for poulticing and wound management.

Cotton Wool

 Ideal for topical cleansing and swabbing. Suitable as a cushioning and absorbent secondary layer.


 It consists of a thick layer of highly absorbent cotton wool enclosed in an absorbent cotton gauze cover.

Antiseptic Green Gel

A soothing water resistant antibacterial barrier for minor cuts and abrasions.

Barrier Aloe Vera Gel

Promotes natural healing, Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel is superb natural treatment.

Dermoline Wound Cream

A protective antibacterial wound cream for horses.

Udder Cream

A soft easy to apply water based, non greasy cream.

Epsom Salts

Epsom Salt is the perfect product for aching muscles.

Cough Liquid – Lincoin Herbal

An aid to help soothe dust irritations caused by modern feeding and stable methods.

Keratex Mud Shield Powder

A special waterproofing and disinfecting powder for horse’s legs.

Leg Guard – Gold Label

 Leg Guard helps to protect legs from mud which can carry organisms that induce mud fever.

Pig Oil and Sulphur

 It is an old recipe to aid in the prevention of any mud borne infections in horses legs.

Pig Oil Spray and Sulphur Powder

 A ready to use preparation combining the beneficial effects of pig oil with that of sulphur.

Radiol B – R Embrocation

An extra strong spirit embrocation for the maintenance of a healthy bone structure for the legs of horses and dogs.

Radiol M – R Embrocation

For minor soft swellings, minor bruising and minor strains to tendons and muscles, a soothing embrocation.

Gold Label Wonder Gel

It is a truly unique product to assist the natural healing process. Penetrates deeply and is non irritant.

Gold Label Muscle/Tendon Gel

 Apply by massage to cause a pleasant cooling and tightening sensation.

Purple Spray – Lincoln

Lincoln Purple Spray is an antibacterial and antifungal spray for use on minor cuts and abrasions.

Iodine/Sanifor Spray – Please send image/product information

Purple Footcare & Sanitising Spray

 Foot care and Sanitising Spray is a cost effective solution for maintaining healthy foot condition in sheep

Hibiscrub – Antibacterial Wash

An antibacterial wash which is effective against a wide range of bacteria, yeasts, some fungi and viruses.

Wound Powder – White/Black

A handy puffer pack containing an organically combined safe Chlorine derivative, Comfrey extract and super absorbent activated Charcoal.


Veterinary Antiseptic Spray

For the treatment of superficial wounds, lamb navels, skin damage caused by fly strike and cuts and abrasions on sheep.


Stockholm Tar / Spray

Stockholm Tar Spray is a traditional application for disinfectant of the sole and frog area.

Pine Tar Spray – Lincoln

A convenient way for applying natural Stockholm Tar to the hoof.

Sheath Cleaner

A gentle cleanser for a male horse’s sheath & between teats of the mare’s udder.

Virkon ‘S’ – Equine Disinfectant

A broad spectrum disinfectant widely tested against virus’, bacteria, fungi and spores. 1L will make 100L of diluted product.


Cribox & Brush

Used to prevent crib biting and gnawing doors, paddock rails, rugs, tails etc.

Louse Powder

 A unique multi action formula which acts as a rapid and long lasting repellent against lice and other external parasites.