Global Herbs Equine Supplements


At Global Herbs supplements have been designed with your horse’s health in mind. It is our firm belief that our unique range of supplements for horses, together with the care and attention which you lavish upon them is the key to a long and happy life.

Global Herbs Behaviour

Super Calm

Available in 500grms & 1kg

SuperCalm maintains a relaxed and easy to manage horse

Super Calm Liquid

Available in 1ltr

SuperCalm maintains a relaxed and easy to manage horse.

Super Calm Instants

Available in 10x10g 5x10g

‘Instant’ is a convenient concentrated form of SuperCalm which works in 1-3 hours and lasts for over half a day.

Rig Calm

Available in 1kg

RigCalm is a product designed to help support the management of excitable male horses.

Frisky Mare

Available in 1kg

This blend is traditionally used to help maintain balance & comfort in the reproductive system of mares during the breeding season or at any time of year.

Mag Calm

Available in 1kg

MagCalm is a very effective mixture of highly digestible chelated (protein bound) magnesium and other minerals. 

Box Rest

Available in 1kg

A product designed to help you when you need to keep your horse relaxed when confined in a loose box. 


Available in 1kg & 1ltr

ShakeFree is traditionally used to support normal behaviour in horses that need assistance with head, nose and eye comfort. 

Anti Suck

Available in 1kg

This blend is traditionally used to maintain a calm and comfortable stomach. 

Global Herbs Breathing

Airways Plus

Available in 1kg & 1ltr

A more economic product that is great for maintaining clear chests, soothing throats, maintaining normal mucus levels and normal breathing.  


Available in 1kg & 1ltr & 500grm

In the summer months many different airborne particles start to wreak havoc. 

Global Herbs Digestion

Black Salt

Available in 2kg

Black Salt is a great soother of bowel function and itchy skin. 

Brewer Yeast

Available in 1kg

It is an excellent source of trace minerals, rich in protein, selenium and  complex B vitamins. 

Acid X

Available in 1kg

Acid-X can support normal acid levels and digestion to enable horses to take in food much more safely and comfortably.


Available in 3kg

These specially formulated minerals are highly absorbable and about as close as you can get to the nutrients that your horse gets from its food.  


Available in 1kg

 PrebioHerb is a concentrated formula that works to support a balanced digestive system


Available in 1ltr

This improved formula can be used all year round, and it can also be used when you know your horse has been affected by ragwort and is under supervision of your local vet. 


Available in 1ltr & 1kg

A traditional supplement which helps maintain normal liver function and supports general condition and brightness. 

Global Herbs Eyes & Skin

Fly Free

Available in 1kg & 500grms

FlyFree provides a traditional, unique and powerful way to help horses tolerate flies.



Available in 1kg

LymphBlend is designed to provide nutrition to assist the normal process in which this fluid moves around the body, especially around the legs


Available in 1kg

If you worry about skin in muddy conditions and want a beautiful glossy coat then Mud-X is the product for you. It can be used at any time of year.


Available in 1kg

Our formulation is specifically designed to help support the immune system in a complete and natural way.

Global Herbs Laminae

Lami Prone

Available in 500grms 1kg & 1ltr

Nutrition is extremely important to the way the whole body works and this product helps by maintaining normal digestion and therefore normal laminae.

Alpha Bute

Available in 250grm 5oogrm & 1kg

Alphabute Super can be used as a quick acting soothing formula. 


Available in 1kg

This traditional formula is a great help if horses need extra nutrition after a period of difficulty with their sensitive laminae.

Global Herbs Mobility


Available in 1kg

This formula is designed to maintain optimum bone strength in these small bones and help support optimum lubrication between them

Strong Bone

Available in 1kg

The herbs in StrongBone go a long way to ensure a perfect balance between the need for Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus – the most important minerals for skeletal development.


Available in 1kg

SupaHOOF is made from special plant material that contains natural Biotin and Methionine within the very plants themselves. 

Muscle Up

Available in 1kg

A great traditional blend that helps your horse digest food efficiently and maintain healthy top-line muscles as well as other muscles in the body. 


Available in 1kg

This traditional formula was specifically designed to give a complete approach to maintaining tendons in good working order. 


Available in 1kg

A formula designed to provide all the nutrition that this part of the body needs to remain in good condition and trouble free. 

Global Herbs Essentials


Available in 1kg

This traditional preparation is an invaluable mixture of herbs to help your horse’s defence (immune) system work effectively.

Iron Aid

Available in ltr

Iron-Aid is a highly effective formula designed for horses that need the best possible source of iron to maintain healthy levels of haemoglobin and red blood cells.


Available in lkg

Whole fenugreek seeds are great for horses. Feeding them helps support muscle function and comfortable stomach working.