Hoof Care


NAF moist hoof

An entirely natural product with a dual action, Hoof Moist helps improves hoof condition.

NAF Hoof Solution

Ideal for maintaining sound hooves, encouraging growth and healthy horn all year round.

NAF Hoof Dressing

Ideal for maintaining sound hooves, encouraging growth and healthy horn all year round.

NAF Biotin

Biotin Plus contains methionine, MSM, zinc and calcium to maintain healthy hooves.


Lincoln  Classic Hoof Oil

This classic and reliable hoof oil has been used by horse owners for many years.

Lincoln Soild Hoof Oil

 This Solid Hoof oil is a Non-spill formulation and ideal for such things as shows and pony camp.

Lincoln Hoof Klense

Powerful dual action water based antibacterial formula. Remains active in the presence of organic matter.

Lincoln Pine Tar Spray

A topical antiseptic hoof dressing which with regular use will help to maintain hoof hygiene.

Car Day and Martin

Cornucrescine & Brush

A nourishing dressing based on the original Cornucrescine formula as a minimum requirement for hoof care.

Cornucrescine Ointment Tin

This unique formulation ointment supports healthy hoof growth and maintains optimum hoof condition.

Kevin Bacon

Hoof Solution

It is used on frogs and soles that are soft, sensitive, smelly or too thin.

Hoof Dressing

Penetrates and nourishes the hoof, using it regularly keeps the hoof wall for drying out.

Hoof Liquid

It nourishes, softens and protects the entire hoof without clogging the pores, so the hoof can breath naturally.


Stockholm Tar Tin/Spray

Stockholm Tar Spray is a traditional application for disinfectant of the sole and frog area.

Keretex Hoof Hardener

Keratex Hoof Hardener 250ml cross-links the keratin in horses’ hooves to strengthen and build up good quality, healthy hooves.

Effol Hoof Ointment (Green,Black,Yellow)

Ideal for every hoof type, a potent formula that helps prevent hoof disease as well as boasting anti-bacterial, soothing and stimulating properties.