Super Codlivine Equine Supplements

Quality Equine Supplements

Crunchies Plain 500 Grms

The healthy way to reward your horse.

Garlic Parsley & Linseed 1 Ltr

An easily absorbed product is good for the circulation, dust allergies, respiratory conditions and the digestive system.

Hydra Lyte Liquid 1 Ltr

Rehydration therapy for rapid electrolyte and water replacement following exercise.

Supple Joint Formula Supp Silver Lid 2.5 Kg

 Contains all of the benefits of the balanced broad spectrum blend of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and cod liver oil in Super Codlivine.

Super Codlivine Supplement Orange Lid 2.5 Kg

  Contains a vast variety of vitamins and minerals, helps improve coat and hoof condition, suitable for horses young and old.