Animal Feeds

Delivering nationwide
rain or shine
for generations.

Recreational & Agricultural Grass Seeds in stock to provide the best results year round

Variety of winter fuels available from Brazier Coal to Kiln Dried Logs

Diverse range of top quality dog food brands to keep your Canines content

High quality Poultry Feed

made on site in our own mill

using locally sourced materials

Range of own brand sheep feeds produced on site with all the nutrients and minerals your sheep will need

Top quality Cattle & Stock feeds made on site with locally sourced ingredients

Top quality Goat feed made on site using only the best ingredients

Variety of Wild Bird Feeds available

to keep your feathered friends happy

An extensive range of the leading

horse and pony feeds.

A variety of

delicious cat foods.




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LESS £1.00

20KG LESS £2.00

1.5KG POUCH LESS £1.00


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A Little Bit About Us

Argo Feeds is established as one of the largest family owned Manufacturers and Distributors of Animal Feeds in the North of England.

The company is based at Kirkwood mill at Penistone, South Yorkshire, where all its activities are controlled. From production of own brand feeds, warehousing and distribution to retail with the Country Store and Pet Food Warehouse.

Our Customers Say

Argo has delivered to my yard for the past 35 years. At any one time I have at least 30 horses and 10 dogs at my yard. The quality of the products they produce are consistently of high quality and the delivery is incredibly reliable.

Peter Mellor, Owner of Woodnook Arena, Huddersfield

I am a sponsored Dengie dressage rider. Argo deliver to my yard within 48 hours of me placing my order, the delivery is reliable, and friendly. Both the office at Argo and drivers are as helpful as ever, and I can only describe Argo as FANTASTIC.

Hannah Esbergh-Shepard, International Dressage Rider

We’ve been trading with the team at Argo feeds for at least 70 years and it’s testament to their excellent products, service and reliability that we’ve continued to use them for such a long time. They offer a great range, catering for customers both large and small and offer an excellent range for horse enthusiasts too.

Cannon Hall Farm, The local family run childerns petting farm

I have had Argo deliver my feed and bedding from the start of setting up my business 3 years ago. Having many ex racehorses coming through the yard it is vital I can source all the correct feed which the Argo team have always been a massive help with. Very grateful to be able to have a variety of feed and bedding delivered at the same time whenever we need it. All the staff are very friendly and helpful providing a great service.

JMC Equestrian Services , Retraining and Rehoming of Racehorses