ARGO Natural Feeds

Kirkwood Mill at Penistone, South Yorkshire produces high quality animal feed for Argo’s own brand, and has done since the Goldthorpe family began here in 1939. Argo is steeped in history, and the original core beliefs have travelled through the generations, and are still very much alive today.

Argo own brand is based on a natural approach to feeding animals.

No artificial ingredients are incorporated, and the mill is totally drug free, with no artificial yolk pigmentors or growth promoters used. All Argo Feeds include a specially formulated high level of vitamins, minerals and trace element supplements and herbs.

The emphasis is placed on making quality products with a refusal to compromise this quality by adopting least cost formulations. Argo source quality farm assured raw materials from local farmers and are proud of the relationships we hold with suppliers.

The long standing traditional production methods Argo have always used are now blended with modern manufacturing techniques, which has enabled Argo to be UFAS registered. Today the mill produces 1000’s of tonnes each year, which in today’s economic climate is a tribute to the team who allows the mill and Argo own brand products to be the backbone of the business.