Rowan and Barbary carefully select and source only the highest quality raw materials from approved suppliers and maintain this continuity of supply year in year out.

Soft n Soak Ready Mash Extra

Added Milk Powders. Condition and weight gain. Beneficial to gut health

Soft n Soak Ready Mash Fibre 20kg

Made out of 100% high digestible fibre ReadyFibre Mash is ideal to use as a fibre replacer to help maintain the fibre levels in the diet.

Soft n Soak Ready Mash 20kg

A fully balanced mash suitable for horses requiring a high fibre, low energy diet.

Soft n Soak Solution Mash 20kg

Solution Mash is a high fibre, high oil feed with under 1% total sugar that is cereal and molasses free.

Forage ‘n’ Fibre 20kg

For horses in low levels of work and good doers w­­ho are often put on restricted grazing Forage ‘n’ Fibre is ideal to use to balance the forage.