Rowan Barbary Equine Feeds

 Rowan and Barbary carefully select and source only the highest quality raw materials from approved suppliers and maintain this continuity of supply year in year out.

Soft n Soak Ready Mash Extra 20kg

Added Milk Powders. Condition and weight gain. Beneficial to gut health

Soft n Soak Ready Mash Fibre 20kg

Made out of 100% high digestible fibre ReadyFibre Mash is ideal to use as a fibre replacer to help maintain the fibre levels in the diet.

Soft n Soak Ready Mash 20kg

A fully balanced mash suitable for horses requiring a high fibre, low energy diet.

Soft n Soak Solution Mash 20kg

Solution Mash is a high fibre, high oil feed with under 1% total sugar that is cereal and molasses free.

Forage ‘n’ Fibre 20kg

For horses in low levels of work and good doers w­­ho are often put on restricted grazing Forage ‘n’ Fibre is ideal to use to balance the forage.

Sumo Muscle Builder 20kg

A unique blend of milk powders, breakfast cereals, highly digestible protein sources, glucose, oils, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help encourage overall muscle tone and development.