Allen & Page – Small Holder Range

The Smallholder Range feeds are best suited to birds and livestock kept in free range or non-intensive conditions rather than those being reared for intensive or commercial production.  The Smallholder Range always ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are used and make every effort to produce the most natural feeds possible

Natural Free Range Layer Pellets 20kg

Provides a complete feed for free range hens.

Natural Free Range Layers Crumble 20kg

A balanced feed providing optimum nutrition, made as a crumble to help promote natural foraging activity.

 Natural Free Range Mixed Corn 20kg/5kg

A healthy and nutritious mixed corn treat for your birds.

Super Mixed Corn 20kg

Feed as a treat late when you know your hens have had their daily ration of layers pellets.

Turkey Starter Crumbs 20kg

 Turkey Starter Crumbs can be fed from the first 5 weeks.  No Coccidiostat is present.

Goose/Duck Grower/Finisher 20kg

 Can be fed without restriction to encourage a slower rate of growth.

Goose / Duck Breeder Pellets 20 kg

Goose / Duck Breeder Pellets 20 kg

Organic Mixed Corn 20 kg

Good for strong egg shells and optimum nutrition.


Organic Free Range Layer Pellets 20kg/5KG

A great tried and trusted feed.