CSJ Canine Feeds

CSJ canine feed uses only top quality, natural ingredients, with an extensive range to meet the needs of all dogs of all ages – and all pockets!

CSJ Champ Adult 15 kg

Highly popular, cost effective recipe that produces great results for adult working or active dogs.

CSJ CP21 Salmon 15 kg

A wheat gluten free dog food for working dogs and contains the joint aid supplements glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin and MSM.

CSJ Little Champ (Puppy) 15 kg

This highly digestible food has already proven to be a winner with all breeds. Easily soaked, this food can be fed to puppies from 3 weeks of age.

CSJ Old Champ 15kg

Specially formulated with a lower protein level for those older or overweight dogs. 

CSJ That’ll D0 15kg

Containing a min 20% real chicken, ‘Natural That’ll Do!’ is suitable for all dogs and offers extraordinary value.

CSJ Lamb & Rice 15kg

Real lamb and is the ideal choice for active dogs or dogs with extra sensitive stomachs.

CSJ Complete Tripe 15kg

Highly palatable, wheat gluten free ratio that uses fresh tripe as the main protein source with green vegetables and herbs.

CSJ Fit N Fast 15kg

High energy, wheat gluten free ratio that uses salmon as the protein source with green vegetables and herbs but without any rice or artificial preservatives.