Chudleys Dog Food

Every recipe in the Chudleys range has been specifically developed by our qualified and experienced nutritionists.

 Chudley Classic

Available in 15kg

A traditional, proven recipe for dogs with a lower workload.

 Chudley Working Crunch

Available in 15kg

To help support stamina and recovery after a busy day. Increased fat and high quality protein to support performance.

 Chudley Puppy & Junior

Available in 12kg

Enhances your puppy’s development throughout the growing period, ensuring your puppy can fulfil his potential.

 Chudley Senior

Available in 15kg

Designed to provide for the changes in your dog’s nutritional needs as he gets older.

 Chudley Original

Available in 15kg

Our best-selling muesli diet, designed for dogs in light work, during rest periods or for those that maintain weight easily.

 Chudley Lite

Available in 15kg

A reduced calorie diet which is ideally suited to dogs that easily gain weight or have a tendency to be overweight.

 Chudley Lamb Sensitive

Available in 15kg

The ideal feed for adult working dogs that have a tendency towards ‘delicate’ digestive systems.

Adult with Salmon

Available in 15kg

Chudleys Salmon with Rice and Vegetables Maintenance XSM Working dog food Complete diet for adult working dogs.