Argo Equine Supplements

Stablemate 3kg

A high specification powered vitamin and mineral supplement to be added daily to feed for general health and vitality.

Vit-Min 3kg

A specially formulated blend of cod liver oil, spices, seaweed meal, minerals and herbs to promote healthy growth, bloom, bright eyes and coat. With natural sources of vitamin A, D3 and E to encourage disease resistance and maximize feed utilization.

Limestone Flour 6kg

Limestone Flour plays a vital role in the growth of bones, teeth & hooves.  Limestone Flour is recommended for horses which are fed on a cereal based diet and for bone maintenance on older horses.

Garlic Granules 1kg & 3kg

High grade full strength pure garlic granules for addition to feed for therapeutic effects on the respiratory system, anti-inflammatory properties and natural fly repellent.

Molasses 5L

Premium grade, un-sulphured blend. Easy pour blend that can be simply added to feed to enhance palatability. Molasses also act as a natural dust suppressant in feed. 

Cod Liver Oil 5L

Cod Liver Oil Plus is a rich natural source of blended oils, fortified with vitamins A and D, renowned for its traditional use for suppleness and coat condition.